You may have noticed that I haven’t been online too much in the past months. I am however still alive and currently going through one of the most stressful and important parts of my life: The end of high school.

As you might know I’m in HTL, a form of high school in Austria which focuses on technology (Computer Engineering in my case) and in one of those schools that seem to only exist to employ teachers. Unfortunately I cannot tell you which school I’m in as I had to sign an NDA that basically told me not to say anything bad about my school (I should’ve noticed that that’s a red flag five years ago).

This semester nears its end and I’m almost finished with my diploma thesis. I try to be thankful for my school. Besides “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” I really can’t find anything. There are other schools of the same kind which encourage their students instead of keeping them in rooms where they don’t have enough space to move without getting their bodies into awkward positions. (The corridor to the classroom door is exactly one foot wide.)

I now look forward to the future and back to the past. I ponder what should and could have been had I attended a better school. But I also ponder what will be now that I am ready to start my career at university, maybe found some company, travel the world and get ready to leave the political hellscape that is modern Europe. Maybe find an understanding and compassionate partner and start a family. Probably try to marry into the United States or Canada because that’s where most of my social life is anyway.

All in all I just want to get these few final weeks behind me and take the opportunity to maybe become someone happier and more optimistic now that I’m on my way to get out of the small towns and villages I have spent most of my life up until now and get into a city (Vienna with a population of about 1.5 million but a city nonetheless).

See you when I (hopefully) have become a far more relaxed and optimistic person who can spend time on personal projects that have been on their mind for a year now and can talk about more interesting topics than what I am complaining about.