I know, very provocative title. The way we teach however is extremely discouraging and outright inefficient. I’m not even going to make a point about the teaching methods we employ because in the end that’s up to the individual teacher. What this is about is the way we structure education. I think the very concept of a lesson is a problem in and of itself.

See, those 30 minute to one hour chunks of knowledge, often cut even shorter by an oral revision at the start give students no chance to immerse themselves into the subject. Abruptly changing the topic from trigonometry to the October Revolution also leaves them no time to reflect on the topic. It is also nearly impossible to revise everything learned on a particular day at home and do homework because there is a large amount of varying topics with no correlation whatsoever. The teachers not communicating what assignments they gave the students or topics the should learn about at home doesn’t make this any easier.

Lessons also require either the teachers or the students to change rooms between lessons. This of course also takes up valuable time that is needed to prepare for lessons by getting the required materials like books ready and going over the last lesson.

So, what would I propose to replace this terribly inefficient system? I would abandon the concept of lessons and instead teach a topic from start to finish with a test at the end. That way no time is lost walking from the classroom to the chem lab for students or from classroom to classroom for teachers. It also enables students to focus on one thing while doing their homework and motivates them to look up topics in-depth if something piques their interest.

This of course will take some effort to plan as teachers must be set aside for a single class for multiple days. This however should not be a problem in our day and age as automated systems can easily plan for this and take into account how some topics depend on each other. Even more efficiently so than our current system does by being able to plan across subjects. If for example force vectors in Physics depend on vectors and trigonometry in Math an algorithm can plan for those to be scheduled before it.

Unfortunately I’m just a student and therefore have no say in how education works. If against all odds someone who can change something in education reads this please take my opinion into account.

Yours truly